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Best Job Oriented Training Institute


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Advanced Courses

for professionals and Job Seekers

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About us

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Empower individuals with Employability Skills

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Mission Statement”] Providing Job oriented courses to Individuals [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Culture”] Transparency, Flexibility and Openness [/et_pb_tab] [/et_pb_tabs][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section][et_pb_section bb_built=”1″ admin_label=”Section” background_color=”#edf000″][et_pb_row admin_label=”Row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” header_font_size=”50px” header_line_height=”2em” text_font=”|on|||” text_font_size=”26px” text_line_height=”2em”]

What you learn?

The only training program where you get in-depth knowledge of all  modules of training with practical hands-on exposure.

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Course coverage was indepth. Overall satisfied

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Course was job oriented.Mock interviews were helpful

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Very interactive practical sessions.

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Want to know more…?

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   Quickbooks training in bangalore

  • Quickbooks training provided by Bizsmart is based on real time scenarios to equip the students with working knowledge of Quickbooks. Our Quickbooks course provides working professionals too working knowledge of Quickbooks training. Bizsmart is one of the best Quickbooks training institute in Bangalore. It provides best Quickbooks training material which help the students the concepts in depth. Quickbooks tutorials provided by the faculty with real time examples help students gain an indepth understanding of Quickbooks. Bizsmart provides flexible timings to students and also Online Quickbooks Training for them to learn the course at their own convenience. Our Experienced Faculty have vast subject knowledge experience of the subjects. Bizsmart is one of the best Quickbook training center in Bangalore.Quickbooks training course content enable students to get basic to advanced level knowledge of the subject.Quickbooks training in Bangalore recognizes the needs of the students. Our industry based Quickbooks courses help students in working on real time Quickbooks projects.The course content is designed in such a way as to enable the students to get placement in MNCs as soon as they complete the course. Bizsmart is recognized as one of the Top Quickbooks Training institutes in Bangalore. Bizsmart which is listed as one of the Best Training institutes in Marathahalli offers training with choice of multiple locations.We provide the best lab facilities and infrastructure. Quickbooks fees charged by us is very reasonable as compared to other institutes. Bizsmart specializes in providing placement oriented Quickbooks courses. Best Quickbooks training institutes ensure that students have a successful career in this domain.
  • QUICKBOOKS Training Syllabus in Bangalore

  • Lesson 1: Getting Started
    Topic 1A: Introduction
    Topic 1B: Types of Quick books
    Topic 1C: Features of Quick Books
    Topic 1D: Users to be added in different types of Quick books
    Topic 1E: File Extensions used in the QuickBooks
    Topic 1F: Transactions Limits in QuickBooks
    Topic 1G: Comparison with different types of QuickBooks
    Topic 1H: Features of Different types of QuickBooks
    Topic 1J: New in 2015 QuickBooks
    Lesson 2: Setting Up a Company
    Topic 2A: Setting up New Company
    b) Detailed Start
    c) Create a new company file based on an existing one
    d) Converting the data from Other Accounting Software
    Lesson 3: Working with File
    Topic3A: Take the Local Backup
    Topic3B: Take the Online Backup
    Topic3C: Restore the Backup File
    Topic3D: Portable Company File
    Topic3E: Open a Second Company
    Topic3F: Hosting Multi User Access
    Topic3G: Import and Exporting IIF Files
    Topic3H: Use of Verify, Rebuild and Condensing the Data
    Topic3I: Restore Backup for Earlier Quick book Versions
    Topic3J: Accountant’s Copy
    Topic3K: Difference between Find & Search
    Lesson 4: Preferences
    Topic4A: Preferences on Accounting
    Topic4B: Preferences on Bills
    Topic4C: Preferences on Calendar
    Topic4D: Preferences on Checking
    Topic4E: Preferences on Desktop View
    Topic4F: Preference on Finance Charge
    Topic4G: General PreferenceTopic4H: Preference on Integrated Application
    Topic4I: Preference on Items Inventory
    Topic4J: Preference on Jobs & Estimates
    Topic4K: Preference on Multiple Currencies
    Topic4L: Preferences on Payments
    Lesson 5: Lists
    Topic5A: Chart of Accounts
    Topic5B: Item Lists
    Topic5C: Fixed Assets Item List
    Topic5D: Price Level List
    Topic5E: Billing Rate Level Lists
    Topic5F: Sales Tax Code Lists
    Topic5G: Other Name Lists
    Topic5H: Templates
    Topic5I: Memorized Transaction List
    Lesson 6: Customer
    Topic6A: Setup a New Customer
    Topic6B: Create Invoices
    Topic6C: Create Batch Invoices
    Topic6D: Enter Sales Receipts
    Topic6E: Enter Sales Estimates
    Topic6F: Enter Sales Order
    Topic6G: Enter Credit Memo/Refunds
    Topic6H: Enter Sales Receipts
    Topic6I: Enter Statement Charges
    Topic6J: Receive Payments
    Topic6K: Lead Center
    Topic6L: Credit Card Processing
    Lesson 7: Vendors
    Topic7A: Setup New Vendor
    Topic7B: Enter Bill
    Topic7C: Purchase Order
    Topic7D: Converting Purchase order to Bill
    Topic7E: Receive Items
    Topic7F: Converting Receive Payments to Bill
    Topic7G: Difference between Purchase order and Receive Items
    Topic7H: Pay Bill
    Topic7I: Entering the Credit Bill
    Topic7J: Adjusting the Credit with the Open Bill
    Lesson 8: Sales Tax
    Topic8A: Setup the Sales Tax
    Topic8B: Setup the Tax Rate
    Topic8C: Pay the Sales Tax
    Topic8D: Adjust the Sales Tax Due
    Topic8E: Sales Tax Liability
    Topic8F: Sales Tax Revenue Summary
    Lesson 9: Employee
    Topic9A: Set up the New Employee
    Topic9B: Setup The Payroll Items
    Topic9C: Activating the Manual Payroll
    Topic9D: Payroll Schedule Setup
    Topic9E: Pay Employee
    Lesson 10: Banking
    Topic10A: Entering Check Charges
    Topic10B: Entering Credit Card Charges
    Topic10C: Entering the Deposits from Un- deposited Fund
    Topic10D: Transfer Funds
    Topic10E: Reconciliation
    Topic10F: Setup the Online Banking
    Topic10G: Loan Manager
    Lesson 11: Reporting
    Topic11A: Memorized Reports
    Topic11B: Commented Reports
    Topic11C: Company Snapshot
    Topic11D: Process Multiple Reports
    Topic11E: QuickBooks Statement Writer
    Topic11F: Company & Financial
    Topic11G: Customers & Receivables
    Topic11H: Sales
    Topic11I: Jobs, Time & Mileage
    Topic11J: Vendors & Payables
    Topic11K: Purchases
    Topic11L: InventoryTopic11M: Employees & Payroll
    Topic11N: Banking
    Topic11O: Accountant & Taxes
    Topic11P: Budgets & Forecasts
    Topic11Q: List
    Topic11R: Industry Specific
    Topic11S: Contributed Reports
    Topic11T: Custom Reports
    Topic11U: Quick Report
    Topic11V: Transaction History
    Topic11W: Transaction Journal
    Lesson 12: Accountant
    Topic12A: Chart of Accounts
    Topic12B: Fixed Asset Item List
    Topic12C: Batch Enter Transactions
    Topic12D: Client Data Review
    Topic12E: Make General Journal Entries
    Topic12F: Send General Journal Entries
    Topic12G: Reconcile
    Topic12H: Working Trial Balance
    Topic12I: Set Closing Date
    Topic12J: Condense Data
    Topic12K: Ask Client about Transaction
    Topic12L: View Conversation List
    Topic12M: Manage Fixed Assets
    Topic12N: QuickBooks File Manager
    Topic12O: QuickBooks Statement Writer
    Topic12P: Pro Advisor Program
    Topic12Q: Online Accountant Resources
    Lesson 13: Company
    Topic13A: Home Page
    Topic13B: Company Snapshot
    Topic13C: Calendar
    Topic13D: Documents
    Topic13E: Lead Center
    Topic13F: My Company
    Topic13G: Advanced Service Administration
    Topic13H: Set Up Users and Passwords
    Topic13I: Customer Credit Card Protection
    Topic13J: Set Closing Date
    Topic13K: Planning and Budgeting
    Topic13L: To Do List
    Topic13M: Reminders
    Topic13N: Alerts Manager
    Topic13O: Maintenance Alerts
    Topic13P: Chart of Accounts
    Topic13Q: Make General Journal Entries
    Topic13R: Manage Currency
    Topic13S: Enter Vehicle Mileage
    Topic13T: Prepare Letters with Envelopes

    Topic13U: Export Company File to QuickBooks online

    Lesson 14: Employee
    Topic14A: Employee Center
    Topic14B: Manual Payroll Calculations
    Topic14C: Entering Weekly Timesheet
    Topic14D: Entering Single Time Activity
    Topic14E: Pay Employees
    Topic14F: Payroll Taxes and Liabilities
    Topic14G: Payroll Setup