We Cover the following Topics in SAP ABAP Training

SAP R/3 Fundamentals:
  • 3 tier Architecture | Development -> Quality -> Production Landscape
  • Net-Weaver basics
  • ERP terms
  • Application Server Fundamentals: Work processes and Dispatcher
ABAP Dictionary Concepts 
  • Tables, Data Elements and Domains 
  • Transparent, Pooled and clustered tables, Field & Domain Level Checks
  • Buffering, Indexes etc, Table Types, Foreign Key concept,
  • Structure, Table types and Type pools 
  • Views, Search helps/Match Code and Lock objects
ABAP Programming Basics 
  • Data Types, Variables, Types, Operators, Expressions etc 
  • I/O Statements, Formatting commands 
  • Conditional statements, Loops and termination statements 
  • String and Date operations and System fields 
  • Fields Strings and Text Elements 
  • Internal Tables (All Operations) 
  • Types of Internal Tables (Standard, Sorted and Hashed) 
  • Joins, Nested selects Sub queries and For All Entries etc 
  • Open SQL statements and performance issues 
  • Messages (Creating and Calling etc), PF Status/User Command 
  • Modularization (Subroutines, Function Modules, Macros and Includes) 
  • Field Symbols | Control Break Statements 
  • Loop at screen | Insert, Update, Delete, Modify command
Debugging programs (Break Point, Watch points etc)
Extended syntax check, Runtime Analysis, Performance
Trace/Performance Tuning
Reports / ALV
  • Classical Report Events 
  • Control Level Commands (AT First, AT New etc)., 
  • Selection Screen: Parameters 
  • Select –options and variants 
  • Selection screen designing (Blocks, Pushbuttons, Radio buttons etc) 
  • Interactive report events 
  • Menu painter: Designing and calling GUI Status 
  • Hide, Read Line, Get cursor, Modify line, Window etc., statements 
  • System fields of reports 
  • ALV reporting | ALV Events | ALV Interactive | ALV Runtime Update |
  • ALV Traffic Light | ALV Field catalog Merge
Dialog Programs / Module Pool
  • Screens, flow logic events and Module pool 
  • Basic Screen elements (I/O field, Radio buttons and Check box etc.,) 
  • Maintaining screen sequences (Set screen, Call Screen and leave to screen) 
  • Field checks (Automatic, flow logic and module pool) 
  • Calling Programs (Submit, Call Transaction, Leave to list processing) 
  • Sub screens and modal Screens 
  • Table Controls, Step loops and Tab strips
File Handling 
  • Local Files (Upload, Download etc) 
  • Working with application server files(AL11)
  • BDC session method (Creating, Processing, Analyzing and Correction errors in  
  •  Sessions) | Call Transaction Methods
  • Working with XMLs – Transformations
SAP Smart forms | Calling through report
SAP Scripts | Calling through report
Configure Script / Smart forms in NACE
Performance tool
  • Introduction of RFC 
  • Communication mechanisms through RFC 
  • ABAP interfaces (RFC) 
  • SAP Business Objects | Calling BAPI’s through RFC
  • Developing BAPIs | Calling BAPI’s in Update & Background Task
  • Working with a standard BAPI | Handling BAPI’s Return
Configure segments, partner profile, port, inbound/outbound idoc, 
Idoc monitoring, debugging idoc, message type configuration, Change Pointer etc.
Batch Jobs Process and Execution
  • Different LSMW steps including Standard, Custom, Idoc and BAPI’s
  • Exit | BadI | Implicit | Explicit | Kernel Badi | Enhancement point & section
TR Movement
  • Transport management process in details
  • Classes, Methods, Interface, Static, Instances, Events, Exception, Inheritance.
  • OOPS ALV, OOPS ALV Events etc
Basics of Adobe Forms
Basics of SD/MM/FI flows with tcodes/tables and business process
Interview Questions 
Resume Preparation with Real time objects


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